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Welcome to the Wild Act Challenge

Join with us to create a better future for wildlife

In just 6 weeks, you will discover simple and easy actions to save the wild.

If you want to stop this …

Rhino population is dramatically declining because of the demand for rhino horn in Asia.
© Susan Scott

This stork was fortunately freed from the plastic bag, but many other animals are still suffering.
© John Cancalosi 

More than one football pitch of forest lost every second in 2017. Source: Global Forest Watch, World Resources Institute.

It's time to act!

The Wild Act Challenge aims to engage young generations to learn about pro-conservation behaviour and to share and compare their experiences through healthy and sustainable actions in our daily lifestyle.

You can start signing up and forming teams to get ready for the Challenge.

The Challenge ends on 31 March 2019.

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Tram đã tự mang hộp đựng khi mua đồ ăn bên ngoài và đạt 20 điểm.
Lệ đã dùng cốc nguyệt san hoặc băng vệ sinh vải và đạt 20 điểm.
Quyên đã dùng cốc nguyệt san hoặc băng vệ sinh vải và đạt 20 điểm.
Bích đã tạo bột đánh răng tự nhiên cùng nhóm và đạt 150 điểm.
Bui đã dùng dịch vụ điện thử thay thư giấy và đạt 30 điểm.
Màn đã dùng dịch vụ điện thử thay thư giấy và đạt 30 điểm.
Tú Linh đã sử dụng lá trà trực tiếp thay vì trà túi lọc và đạt 20 điểm.

In the Wild Act Challenge you can discover

Commit to small behaviour changes that can make a big difference.

Our actions help you improve your personal well-being.

Team building
Game elements will freshen up your daily routine and work environment.

Ultimate prizes for nature lovers

(to be updated)

A trip to observe the critically endangered Delacouri langur in Ninh Binh
© Nguyen Van Truong/Fauna and Flora International

Ethical Elephant Friendly tour
in Yok Don National Park
© Animals Asia Foundation

Participate in bear care and conservation activities at bear rescue center in Cat Tien National park
© Free the Bears

Weekly prizes

(to be updated)

3 steps to be part of the experience

1. Sign-up & form a team

Register your account and join a team with your relatives, friends, and colleagues between 3 - 6 people.

2. Take Actions
From 18 February to 31 March

Choose your sustainable actions on the platform and earn points as you complete them during the Challenge.

3. Win Prizes
See your positive impact and get rewards for your achievements.

Read more about the rules and prizes 

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