Terms and Conditions for the participants of the Wild Act Challenge 2019

1. Introductory remarks

1.1 Brief description

WildAct, headquartered in Vinh city, Nghe An, and WeAct AG, headquartered in Zürich, are, among other things, the organisers of the Vietnam-wide Wild Act Challenge 2019 (hereinafter "Wild Act Challenge"). The Wild Act Challenge is a programme to engage young Vietnamese to learn about pro-conservation behavior, sustainable living and to share and compare their experiences. The Wild Act Challenge is primarily organised and carried out via the website "www.wildactchallenge.org", an online platform and a mobile app (hereinafter "WeAct App"). The participants registered for the Wild Act Challenge form teams and collect points for sustainable, pro-conservation and healthy actions.

1.2 Scope of application

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between WildAct and the participants of the Wild Act Challenge 2019.

By registering for Wild Act Challenge 2019, participants accept these terms and conditions.


2. Participation

2.1 Eligibility to participate

All Vietnamese citizens which age over 7 by 2019 are eligible to participate in the Wild Act Challenge 2019. Others who are not a Vietnamese citizen / foreigner can take part on request, but are excluded from the prize draw. Persons who register for the Wild Act Challenge without being eligible to participate will be excluded from participation.

2.2 Registration

In order to participate to the Wild Act Challenge, participants must provide their first and last names and a valid email address on the platform. The participants will then be assigned a personal participant account. Once registration is complete, participants will receive an e-mail to confirm their account. This allows to set a personal password and log in to the platform.

Participants may invite other persons to participate to the Wild Act Challenge via e-mail, provided that these persons are also eligible to participate in the challenge. By clicking the link in the e-mail and setting a password, the invited persons can open and activate a personal participant account.

2.3 Fees

Participation to the Wild Act Challenge is free of charge for participants. WildAct does not put any charge on participants.


3.  Procedure and functioning of the Wild Act Challenge

3.1 Sequence of events

Participants can register on the platform 2 weeks before the start of the Wild Act Challenge. During the initial two weeks, participants can familiarize themselves with the platform, set their goals and collect bonus points. The Wild Act Challenge 2019 officially starts on February 18, 2019.

The Wild Act Challenge 2019 ends on Mar 31, 2019 at midnight. After the end of The Wild Act Challenge 2019, participants can register their actions for another 24 hours, i.e. until 23:59 p.m. on 1 April 2019.

3.2 Forming teams

After the registration on the platform, participants are asked to form a team or to join an existing team. The size of the teams is limited to 3-6 members. If a team has less than 3 members, the team and its members are excluded from the ranking (see section Ranking). Participants can still take part in the Wild Act Challenge but are excluded from receiving prizes.

3.3 Point system

Participants can collect so-called "impact points" on the platform. This is done by setting goals and recording corresponding actions on the platform. Actions can only be registered if the corresponding objectives have been selected beforehand. New objectives and actions are available every week. Actions can be registered up to 3 days later (except at the end of the Wild Act Challenge - 1 day later).

At the beginning of a new week, points of each team are reset to 0 so teams can continue to compete to earn the weekly prizes. Teams' scores will be reset to 0 at 23:59 on every Sunday of the week.

It is also possible to collect so-called "bonus points" through activities on the platform, e.g. by inviting new team members to participate, writing on the team wall, filling in the survey or giving feedback. Bonus points can already be collected before the official start of the Wild Act Challenge. Read details here.

3.4 Ranking

On the Ranking page of the platform, participants can monitor their performance in comparison to other teams. The ranking algorithm takes into account the number of points (impact points and bonus points), the number of participants per team and the availability or absence of individual team members. The ranking is updated once a day at 3 am.

3.5 Access to the Wild Act Challenge Platform

Participants can access the platform via a web browser or an Android or iOS app named We Act Challenge. To do this a personal login is needed.

For the WeAct App the participants need an access code: Wild19, which is provided by the organisers.


4. Prizes to win

4.1 Weekly prizes and special prizes

Please read the information here.

4.2 Fairness/ Fair play

The recording of actions is based on self-declaration and requires fairness of the individual participants. By participating in the Wild Act Challenge, participants confirm that they are registering their actions truthfully to the best of their knowledge. If the organisers determines that participants are suspiciously attempting to earn points, organisers are entitled to deduct these points or, in repeated cases, to exclude the persons concerned from the competition and the prize draw.


5. Impact measurement

With the Wild Act Challenge, WildAct and WeAct strives to make an impact in terms of behavioural changes and a contribution to environmental protection. In order to measure this impact, participant surveys will be conducted via the platform during the Wild Act Challenge. A few months after the end of the Wild Act Challenge, WeAct will also contact participants via e-mail to assess the long-term impact of their participation. The survey data will be evaluated anonymously (see privacy policy).


6. Intellectual property rights

6.1 Intellectual property rights of WildAct and WeAct

All content (e.g. images, graphs, texts, questionnaires etc.; hereinafter "content") published by WildAct and WeAct within the scope of the Wild Act Challenge, as well as all intellectual property rights (namely, but not exclusively, copyrights including software, trademark rights, patent rights and know-how; hereinafter "intellectual property rights") of the Wild Act Challenge, the platform and the WeAct app are protected by law. All contents and intellectual property rights remain the sole property of WildAct and WeAct. Participants are granted a non-transferable, non-exclusive and non-sublicensable right, limited to the duration of the annual Wild Act Challenge, to use the content and intellectual property rights of WildAct and WeAct during the Wild Act Challenge for the purpose of conducting the Wild Act Challenge. Any other use of the contents and intellectual property rights of WildAct and WeAct is not permitted without the express written consent of the organisers.

6.2 Use of participant contributions

Content such as blog posts, photos, etc. that participants upload to the platform or otherwise share with the community via the platform can still be used after the end of Wild Act Challenge and can, for example, be displayed on the website for all to access. Participants grant WildAct and WeAct a perpetual, non-exclusive, free, transferable, sub-licensable license to all content that they upload or publish on the WildAct’s website, the platform and/or the WeAct app for their own and commercial use. If participants do not agree to this, they can inform WildAct via e-mail to support@wildactchallenge.org so that their content can no longer be used after completion of the respective Wild Act Challenge or can be deleted if desired.


7. Data protection

7.1 Data protection statement

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these Terms of Participation and is also accepted by the participants by accepting the Terms of Participation.

7.2 Insights for the participants

When registering, participants select the segmentations which they want to compete in. The organisers can access the following information about participants in the Wild Act Challenge:

Name and email address of participants registered for the Wild Act Challenge

Team names and allocation of participants to the teams


8. Liability and insurance

WildAct is only liable for damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence on the part of WildAct. Any further liability of WildAct, in particular for slight negligence as well as for indirect damage, consequential damage caused by a defect, loss of profit etc., is excluded to the extent permitted by law. This limitation of liability applies to contractual as well as non-contractual or semi-contractual claims.

Participants take part in the Wild Act Challenge at their own risk and responsibility. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.


9. Cancellation

The registration data will be stored on WeAct's servers even after the end of the Wild Act Challenge in order to simplify the registration for future programs and to evaluate the data anonymously (see data protection policy). Participants can request the deletion of their participant account at any time by e-mail to support@wildactchallenge.org.


10. Expulsion

WildAct and WeAct reserves the right to exclude participants who violate these terms and conditions from the WildAct Challenge at any time.


11. Multilingualism

These terms and conditions of participation are available in Vietnamese and English. In the event of contradictions, the English version shall prevail.


12. Severability clause

Should individual provisions of these Conditions of Participation be wholly or partially invalid or subsequently become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Conditions of Participation. The completely or partially invalid provisions shall be replaced by such provisions that come closest to the meaning and purpose of this provision in a valid economic manner.