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Rules and prizes

1. Prize

Wild Act Challenge takes place within 6 weeks with 6 weekly prizes and 4 special prizes.

Weekly prizes

Every week, one team with highest points among other teams in two zones (explanation is below) will receive a gift which includes sustainable living items such as: bamboo straw, bamboo toothbrush, natural washing power/soap, bag (to be updated)

Special prizes

There will be 4 teams to receive 4 special prizes which are 4 interesting trips to national parks or conservation areas such as observing the critically endangered Delacouri langur in Ninh Binh with Fauna and Flora International, taking part in bear caring and conservaton activities in bear rescue centre at Cat Tien National Park with Free the Bears, having an Ethical Elephant Friendly tour in Yok Don National Park with Animals Asia Foundation…

To win the special prizes, your team has to satisfy 1 in 4 following requirements:

  • Have the highest points after 6 weeks in Family zone, or
  • Have the highest points after 6 weeks in Group zone, or
  • Have a creation sharing about sustainable living, protecting environment (will be asked to do) and that creation receives positive feedback from the public – we (organisers) will choose one based on the message in it and how viral it is, or
  • Win the raffle. We will conduct a raffle to choose only 1 lucky team to receive a special prize. To be qualified to get in the raffle, every member in your team needs to enter at least 5 different actions each week during 6 weeks of the Challenge.

Depending on the age and ability of the winner team, we will choose an appropriate trip for the team.

2. Zone

You need to choose a zone that you want to compete in. You can only choose once. There are 2 zones:

  • Family: members in a family can form a team and compete against other families.
  • Group: students, colleague, individuals can form teams and compete against one another. Notice: If you register as an individual, you can find other individuals in the same zone to create a team. It does not require that all members in a team need to live in a same location.

3. Members in a team

Each team needs to have a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 6 members. If your team does not have at least 3 members or you participate in the Challenge to play alone, your score will not be displayed on the ranking system and you cannot win any prize.

4. Target audience

All Vietnamese citizens which are over 7 years old can participate in the Challenge.

Foreigners living in Vietnam can join but you will not be able to win any special prize.

5. Rule

You will choose actions which are environmental-friendly to carry out at the OBJECTIVES tab. After conducting actions, you will enter them as YES in the ACTIONS tab and receive points. Each action has different points. Actions are also different in each week so you can choose those that are more suitable for you. A team point is the combination of all members’ point in that team.

By the end of each week, the team who earns the highest points among others will claim the weekly prize. At the beginning of a new week, points of each team are reset to 0 so teams can continue to compete to earn the weekly prizes. Teams' scores will be reset to 0 at 23:59 on every Sunday of the week.

Teams’ points of every week are stored and combine together after 6 weeks. Teams with highest points in Family and Group zone will win the special prize.

Notice: Points of teams displayed in the platform are points gained from main actions and bonus actions. 

6. Main action

There are 2 types of main actions in Wild Act Challenge

  • Team action: Not to be carried out alone, only with colleagues. All members of a team need to enter this type of action in order to gain points.
  • Individual actions: team members can choose and carry out different actions based on live style and capacity. Points of each member will be combine together to create team’s point.

You can do actions on 2 categories:

  • Unique: Unique activity. You can get points for this activity just once.
  • Everyday: You can earn points on multiple days for this action in a week.

Notice: After choosing your objectives, you have 3 days to enter actions. After 3 days, you can no longer enter actions and earn points. For example, if you choose to do an action on Monday, you have to enter it on the platform before Friday. Otherwise, you cannot earn points. Therefore, we encourage you to log in every day to remember your objectives.

7. Bonus action

We provide 13 bonus actions (can be carried out every day) to earn bonus points. However, points from bonus actions are not as high as main actions. See the below table.

Bonus actions Points
for writing in the team chat 1
for giving us feedback 10
for forming a team 10
for inviting friends to join your team 10
for joining the team 5
for sending a request to a rival team 10
for having accepted a rival team 10
for filling in the first questionnaire 100
for filling in the second questionnaire 200
for successfully inviting somebody to join in 30
for creating a team event 5
for entering an action today 5
for writing a blog post today 100
for writing a comment 1

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